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Information on data protection

The following information applies to the use of the hotelkit web interface and the hotelkit app, collectively referred to as the platform.

Which of my data are processed?

The platform stores some basic data in a structured way within the framework of the user profile. In addition to this, further content can be added voluntarily. This information can all be changed or deleted at any time via the account settings. In order to provide the platform, some technical data is automatically collected. In detail:

Basic data:

Voluntary profile data:

Technical specifications:


Why is the data processed - and is that even allowed?

The platform provides tools for optimising in-house communication, knowledge management and operational improvement. Your employer has decided to use these features. For this to work both in terms of content and technology, the processing of the above information is necessary.
This also implies the lawfulness of the processing of the data - as an employer or contracting party it is permissible to process this information in the context of the contractual activity.

Who sees the data?

Each account is active in one or more networks. The basic data as well as some voluntary profile data are visible to all users in them. The visibility of the profile picture can be set in the account settings. Correspondence and the content of posts are visible to the individually defined recipients and recipient groups.
Due to hotelkit GmbH’s role as a technical service provider for the provision of the platform, individual hotelkit employees may receive information in the context of support inquiries or during the initial setup of the platform.
Beyond this, the information provided will not be passed on to anyone else.

Who is responsible for data processing - and who can I contact?

hotelkit GmbH has been commissioned by your employer to provide the platform on your employer’s behalf. For general questions about the "why" and "for what reason", or to safeguard your rights as a data subject, please contact your employer.
Technical processing is carried out by hotelkit GmbH, Strubergasse 26, 5020 Salzburg (Austria) - for specific technical questions, we can be reached at the following email address:

How secure is my data with hotelkit?

hotelkit GmbH takes extensive technical and organisational measures to protect the security of your data. This includes protection against intentional manipulation, loss, or destruction, and protection against access by unauthorised third parties. These measures are constantly reviewed, compared with current standards and regularly improved.

What are my rights?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants extensive rights to "data subjects affected by processing". These include:

Salzburg, 25.05.2018